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"Owly"animation a hit at Comic-Con!

Sprite's Comic-Con debut was a spectacular success as we teamed up with Top Shelf Productions to bring Andy Runton's popular character "Owly" to life in a short animated segment. With the short screening on a loop at the Top Shelf booth, we were overjoyed at the wonderful response that we received from not only longtime Owly fans, but also new faces that had never before seen the adorable "bird of play"! For those of you who were unable to catch the short at Comic-Con (or who did, but just want to see it again!), the entire animation is posted here. Our very great thanks go out to Chris at Top Shelf, to the Weepies for their wonderful music, and, most importantly, to Andy Runton! Also, please check out the following interview with Andy about the animation by Scott Robins, blogger with "School Library Journal".

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