The kingdom of the Sushi Ninja used to be a delightful place of fun and plenty, until it was ruined by a sinister unknown force.  On a journey to find the “seasoning of happiness” – a mysterious substance that can revive her kingdom – the Princess encounters three Sushi Ninja heroes…  or, at least, that’s what they claim to be!  Can these three ridiculous do-gooders defeat the Nacho army, discover the seasoning of happiness, and save the ENTIRE WORLD?
Combining Japan’s mightiest food – SUSHI! – and mightiest secret warriors – NINJA!, Sprite and Genco have created what could be the most powerful piece of IP ever to come out of Japan!  Handling the direction, design, look development, and production supervision, Sprite worked hard to find juuust the right balance of top-quality CG animation and the most ludicrous stories and characters.  (it also doesn’t hurt that some of Japan’s top voice talent – Yuki Kaji, Romi Park, and Mamoru Miyano – and the famous composer Katsuhisa Hattori lent their considerable talents to the production!)

2014・3min ✖ 3 episodes

© 2016 GENCO,INC. 

Staff & Cast

監督: 榊原幹典

プロデュース: 真木太郎


製作: ジェンコ



イクラ: 梶裕貴

マグロ: 朴ロ美

タマゴ: 宮野真守

エリートスシニンジャA: 藤原啓治

ナレーション: 須嵜成幸

姫: 水樹奈々



歌: 影山ヒロノブ、遠藤正明、きただにひろし