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16-year-old Matt Spark is the most promising young student in his racing academy .... until one night he sneaks into the school’s off-limits garage and goes for a spin in the Fireball – a legendary racer locked away after its last driver was killed in a race years ago. But when Matt tries to drift the Fireball around a treacherous hairpin - the same curve where the last driver met


his fatal wreck - both Matt and the Fireball slip right out of our world and into the next!  Being the only living boy in the netherworld isn’t easy, but Matt finds himself right at home on the wild, white-knuckle tracks of Wild Bone racing, the most popular sport in the afterlife.  Matt must not only navigate the treacherous, rival-infested halls of the prestigious Skullford Racing Academy, but also survive the furious smash-up action of the Wild Bone GP in order to make his way back to the land of the living!

22 min x 26 episodes

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