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Journey to the West

This is a story that takes place in the <NIRVANA-LAND> a world created by BUDDHA through his meditation practice. The story sets upon a unique perspective of the world, filled with various intriguing characters. It is aimed to mesmerize and captivate the hearts of the young to the old, with a sort of a Jack-in-the-box feeling, keep one on their toes, not knowing what will come next as each scene plays itself out. It will be in the genre of adventure-comedy.


​The theme of the story is "HEART". GOKUU, a monkey sculpted out of stone had no heart, and was given a piece of the heart from the BUDDHA. Up till then, the monkey ran amuck aspiring to become the most powerful being on land. He never thought twice about hurting others. But once he receives the heart, he begins to slowly understand the pain of others which sets him on a path of great struggles. GOKUU feels the pain, struggles within himself and suffers a great deal. But through all the friendships, and experiences he acquires along this rugged challenging path, GOKUU is able to experience the invaluable truth of friendship, love, and compassion. He gradually grows into a true hero, fighting to protect the < NIRVANA-LAND > through self-sacrifice. The ultimate goal is to present an epic adventure story, where the theme is the difficulty and importance of cultivating the heart to believe in something one cannot see in front of them.

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