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Kong: King of the Apes

From executive producer Avi Arad comes the BIGGEST adventure ever to hit animation!  In a future of environmental devastation, gentle giant Kong is raised by kindhearted Lukas to share his sense of justice.  Lucas’ twin brother Richard, however, cares only for his own profit, and with his army of robot dinosaurs, he will stop at nothing to destroy Kong and rule the world.


In Sprite’s second collaboration with Arad Productions and 41 Entertainment, we handled the preproduction, direction, and management of the project, while our sister company OLM Digital handled the majority of the CG production.  This was Netflix’s first original animated production, and was released in April 2016.

2016, 90 min x 1 episode, 22 min x 12 episodes

© 2016- Kong- King of the Apes LLC- All rights reserved [ ]


Supervising Director: Motonori Sakakibara

Producer: Alexandra Bland

Writer and Story Editor: Sean Catherine Derek

Original Concept By: Avi Arad & Allen Bohbot

Executive Producer: Avi Arad / Allen Bohbot


Art Director: Tatsuro Maruyama

CG Supervisor: Tadao Odaka

Animation Supervisors: Jun Toyoshima / Hideki Sudo

Character Supervisor: Tetsuya Ishii

Background/Prop Supervisor: Naoya Shigematsu

Lighting and Compositing Supervisor: Takuji Tomooka

Effects/CG Supervisor: Koji Kawamura

Senior Software Engineer: Masashi Nakata

Animation Production By Sprite Animation Studios / OLM Digital, Inc.

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